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A Guide to Buying the Best Flea Medicine for your Dog


If you have noticed that your dog is in great discomfort due to itching of late, then it could be because your dog has a flea infestation. The goodness is that there is medication that you can use on your dog to give it relief and rid it of fleas. These treatments come in variety regarding dosage form. There are shampoos, pills, ointments and even medicated collars. If you do not know how to go about choosing flea treatment for your dog, worry not, because this article has guidelines that you can use to your advantage.


Look at the contents of the medicine before you commit to buying it. This is because the contents of the drugs may have an impact not just on you but the dog as well. Make sure that you know the allergies your dog has by consulting the veterinary. This way you will be able to avoid flea treatments that have compounds that may harm your dog. Also, make sure that the contents are safe for humans. This is not to mean that you will be ingesting the treatment, but it could harm you simply by touching the dog's coat if at all it is applied topically. Check for toxicity and carcinogenicity. There are certain compounds not to be harmful to humans so be on the lookout.


Avoid buying cat flea treatment for your dog. Even though there are some cat treatments that may not harm your dog, there are flea treatments meant for cats, and if your dog ingests these medicines, then there is a high likelihood there will be adverse effects. Read more about flea meds for cats here!


It is important that you factor in the cost of the flea treatment. The cost of the treatment will be determined by the form of the medicine and the brand. Reputable brands are more likely to cost you more money than unknown brands. Since we are in the business of getting more value for less money, then you should aim to buy a flea treatment for your dog that is affordable yet quality. However, be careful not to concentrate on saving to the point of foregoing quality. For more insights regarding flea medicine, go to http://edition.cnn.com/2016/06/30/health/pets-dog-safety-summer/index.html.


Look at the usage of the flea treatment at advecta3.com/products. Will your dog be comfortable with it or will you have to fight it to administer the treatment? Is it convenient enough to not require you to be in the house throughout the day to administer it? Go for dosage forms of the flea medication that your dog is comfortable with and does not interfere with your schedule. An example is the medicated shampoo and collar which do not require you to be always around to give the medication to the dog.