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Flea Medicine


Pet owners enjoy the company and companionship that their pets bring. But one thing that they will all agree on is a headache that comes with the territory. Fleas. This applies to both cats and dogs, especially the little puppies. If left unchecked, fleas can wreak havoc all over your homestead. It is therefore paramount to put in place measures that will see the eradication of these pesky parasites once and for all. Trust me when I say a healthy, clean pet will be a source of happiness for everyone in your home.


Fleas have a thing for survival. For such small tiny insects, they do have a long lifespan. In fact, there are fleas that can survive up to three years, provided that they have a sustainable host. This is not all. Their eggs, of which there are millions of them in a single lifespan, can stay up to a year without hatching until an opportune moment is presented. So, do you think you can compete with such odds? Well, let's see some of the ways that can keep your pet flea-free.


Depending on your type of pet, whether a dog or a cat, there are different types of flea medicine. Just do your research well and find the right medicine that will work for you. There are flea medicines that are allergic to dogs, and others allergic to cats. Be careful.


There are flea powders that are available to apply to your pet, especially if it is a dog. Flea powders are applied to the dogs after every three to four days. The downside to this flea treatment for dogs is that only the adult flea will die, not the larvae.


A good warm bath is also formidable. Every day, make sure you give your dog a good bath. Let it be a routine. Never underestimate the power that is held by soap and water, it can do wonders. The flea will flee on the touch of a good scrub done with soap and pet ointment. Do a thorough sweep.


Just as there are cattle dips, there are flea dips. The only problem about this is they are toxic. So much so that they should only be done once in a while, maybe a few weeks or so. It is an effective method to kill the flea but make sure you use protective gear. Know more information here!


There are also flea sprays that are effective. The problem is that some pets resent such sprays as they are alcohol based. Try to find others that are organic. For more insights about flea medicine, watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtjnUCWPdcw.